A Note about live theatrical improvisation: this art form requires other people. One’s success depends upon one’s fellow players. Thank you to my mentors, teachers, coaches, & fellow performers. Without them, I would not have achieved successes and received the following kind words about my work.

Performance Testimonials:
“My Face Hurt from laughing so much!”

“Everyone was smiling on the way out!”

“Everyone and I mean everyone came up and said that they had an awesome time with you guys. Thank you for making the night wonderful for us!!!!!”

” I got so much praise after the event for bringing your group to perform, and I’m not ashamed to say I took all the credit for your hard work.  After the event, there was so much positive feedback that the testimonial statements in the form are just a sampling.  From phone calls to office visits to stopping me in the restroom, everyone said how much fun they had.”

 Workshop Testimonials:
‘ Fantastic session!  Jon-Michael’s facilitation of the improv session achieved everything that I was hoping it would.  It provided a change of scenery, and a chance for everyone to get up and move around – to DO something.  And Jon-Michael did a wonderful job of connecting what we were doing back to the retreat theme.  I received a number of comments from participants saying that the improv session was a high point.’

‘It was a good experience. The activities gave our club new tools to think outside the box when it comes to public speaking. The census among our club was they felt it was a well spent hour and wished it could have been longer.’
‘I found the workshop beneficial for helping with the fears associated with communication (making mistakes) and public speaking. I feel this could be very helpful to all of our IT groups to break down communication barriers for a truly collaborative environment. I believe, to make this a mandatory training exercise, would help greatly assist our group and other groups.’

“Without getting into too many details, this was the best team building exercise that our group has ever done. It was truly memorable and (borderline) life changing.”

Student Testimonials:
“Jon-Michael was a fun, interactive, and constructive instructor.  He never made me feel like I did something ‘wrong’ or humiliated my fellow teammates or myself. He instead gave constructive criticism if I did not adhere to the most important rules of improvisation. I felt better about my abilities in this class, and in turn opened up in the later sessions.”

“Jon-Michael is knowledgeable and approachable. He made us feel comfortable from the first day and helped us to quickly become a close-knit group by describing and modeling a supportive attitude. We learned a lot and had a ton of fun!”

“Jon-Michael does a great job explaining things.  I think he is very good with constructive criticism and has a friendly manner about it.  I think he facilitates a safe learning environment and encourages mistakes to grow.”

“Jon-Michael is a knowledgeable and talented instructor. He is always accepting and ever encouraging. He fully supports each student’s effort in each exercise.”

“Jon-Michael communicated very well with all of the students. He was very encouraging and reassuring if a mistake was made, or if someone felt unsure of themselves.”

“I don’t think (student) will mention this to his friends or instructors…but I think  you should know, (student) was the only underclassman to make his High School’s elite Comedy Ensemble (that still blows my mind). He also took 2nd place in a humorous duet acting skit at his first Speech tournament…Thank you. “

“Jon-Michael was a great mentor, learned some new things while having fun.”
“The different exercises were really fun.”
“I liked acting and trying to come up with stuff off the top of my head.”
“Acting and the games were fun! I hope we do more things like that! It was a lot of fun…especially all the games.”
“It was hand on activities. We had a great/funny teacher.”
“It was fun to just think on the fly.”
“It was fun playing games and I learned from them.”
“I liked it because I thought it was going to be totally different but it was actually very fun!”
“I enjoyed just having fun and acting silly!”